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Call for Academic Year 2020-2021

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The Center for Collaborative Research and Community Engagement (CCRCE) in the College of Education & Human Sciences at the University of New Mexico welcomes community engagement and research with others. We invite affiliations with Fellows and Visiting Scholars to advance shared goals across New Mexico and beyond. Fellows and Visiting Scholars will have the opportunity to participate in the life of the CCRCE through research, scholarly activity, community engagement, and networking. 

To facilitate this relationship, the CCRCE offers two designations for affiliation: Fellows and Visiting Scholars.

  • Fellows can be UNM Research and Tenure-Track/Tenured Faculty; UNM Professional Staff; or a Community Representative from a Local, National, Tribal, and/or Global entity. In addition, applications will be considered from Postdoctoral Researchers. It is anticipated that Fellows will pursue research inquiry and/or collaborative engagement projects.
  • Visiting Scholar is a title reserved for scholars who are visiting the University most typically from another institute of higher education and participating in some way in its teaching or research functions or community engagement. A Visiting Scholar is a scholar established in his or her field and must hold a Ph.D. or equivalent to be considered a field expert.

Fellows and Visiting Scholars may be unfunded or funded, typically by external sources such as sabbatical leave or Fulbright Scholarship.

Appointments are up to one year and an additional year can be considered through a CCRCE review process in adherence with UNM policies and procedures. The CCRCE Advisory Board voting members will recommend action for the Director of CCRCE and the Dean of COEHS for final decision.

CCRCE provides office space, based on availability; access to UNM libraries and facilities; option to purchase a UNM parking pass; and, UNM email account. The CCRCE encourages affiliated individuals[1] in collaboration with COEHS faculty to submit proposals through CCRCE.

Expectations of Fellows and Visiting Scholars

  • Poster presentation at the annual CCRCE Research and Community Engagement Showcase, which is typically held in September or October at UNM;
  • CCRCE Research Brown Bag presentation; and
  • Acknowledgement of CCRCE affiliation in publications, presentations, and proposals with the following statement:

“I [or we] thank the Center for Collaborative Research and Community Engagement in the College of Education & Human Sciences at the University of New Mexico for its support of the project entitled [name of the project]. Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the CCRCE.”

  • Upon request, provide content for CCRCE social media and COEHS Newsletters;
  • Participation in CCRCE Fellows/Visiting Scholars meetings; and
  • Final report which includes accomplishments and activities during the Fellows/Visiting Scholar appointment.

Application Guidelines

  1. Contact Information
    Institutional Affiliation (if applicable)
  1. Bio statement [150 words]
  2. Abbreviated CV [3 pages]
  3. In a letter of intent, please briefly describe your research and/or community engagement interests, and objectives for what you hope to accomplish while being affiliated with CCRCE. [500 to 1000 words]
  4. Up to two letters of support from individuals knowledgeable about your research and community engagement work.

Submission Guidelines

Please send your application for CCRCE affiliation to coeresearch@unm.edu by April 1, 2020. In the subject line, please use Application for CCRCE Affiliation.

1 Affiliated individuals will adhere to UNM policy and procedures.

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