2018 Research Showcase

The COE Research Showcase was co-hosted by The UNM College of Education and Alumni Relations Office on September 28, 2018.

Titles, researchers, and downloads of the presentations from the conference can be found below.

“The START Grant: Overview and Accomplishments to Date”

Vi Florez & Allison Borden

“POLLEN TAG Professional Network and Curriculum Review”

Frank Perrone, Russ Romans, Shawn Secatero, & Sheri Williams

“Nurturing Wisdom and Wellbeing in Schools and Communities: Transdisciplinary Insights and Ideas”

Jan Armstrong , Karla Kingsley, Kristopher Goodrich, & Kersti Tyson

“Boundary Spanners in Teacher Preparation”

Veronica Moore, Bryan Werhli, & Sherry Jones

“Culturally Relevant Pedagogy in Early Childhood Education”

Kristopher Goodrich & Loretta Serna

“Exploring and Implementing Ideas to Strengthen the Curriculum for K-3rd Classrooms at San Felipe Pueblo Elementary School”

Cathy Gutierrez-Gomez, Joan Goodman, & Pamela Remstein

“Expanding Children’s Opportunities to Learn Mathematics”

Kersti Tyson, Joan Goodman, & Pamela Remstein

“Embedded Faculty Model: Creating a Shift in Field Experience”

Virginia Necochea

“What is the Teacher Residency Experience? A 360° Look at the Albuquerque Teacher Residency Partnership (ATRP)”

Marjori Krebs

“Closing the Gap”

Marjori Krebs & Sheri Williams

“Enhancing Mathematical Teacher Reforms Utilizing Native American Language and Culture Resources”

Christine Sims

“American Indian Language Policy Research & Teacher Training Center”

Christine Sims

“Albuquerque Teacher Residency Partnership”

Hope Kitts, Vi Florez, & Bryan Werhli

“Professional Communities at Work: Theories in Action and Interaction”

Jan Armstrong, Kersti Tyson, Carlos LopezLeiva, & Nancy Pauly

“Tenets of Body Soul Rooted Pedagogy”

Shawn Secatero, Mia Sosa-Provencio, & Shiv Desai

“Student Teachers in Austria Reach Success: STARS...An International Professional Development Experience”

Deborah Rifenbary, Austrian and American STARS participants

“College of Education & Human Sciences's (COE) Institute for American Indian Education (IAIE) Planning Project Phase 1”

Lorenda Belone, Cathy Gutierrez-Gomez, Robin Starr Minthorn, & Vincent Werito

“Comadre a Comadre: A Multilevel Community-Engaged Program. Addressing Breast Cancer Disparities in NM”

Elba Saavedra Ferrer, Belinda Vicuña Tellez, Catherine Landavazo, Rosa Lopez, Yesenia Hernandez, & Michaela Granados

“HED Bilingual Pipeline Project 2015-2018”

Rebecca Blum-Martinez & Christine Sims

“Strengthening Self-Confidence in Mathematics & Computer Programming through Assigned Responsibility in AOLME”

Carlos LópezLeiva, Sylvia Celedón-Pattichis, José Antonio Lecea Yanguas, Gulnara Kussainova, Gabino Noriega, & Marios S. Pattichis (ECE Department) Margarita Barraza, Judith Solis, Keven Flores, & Hector Triana Ruiz--Polk Middle School, APS

“Building Collaborative Leadership Capacity”

Lois Vermilya

“Mental Health Among Undocumented And Mixed Status Families of New Mexico”

Thomas Anthony Chavez

“Hurt People Hurt People: Using Ethnic Studies to Heal Student Trauma by Addressing the Mind, the Body, and the Spirit”

Shiv Desai

“Developing Community Partnerships Through Research to Define Community Well-Being from a Diné-centered Perspective with Three (Diné) Navajo Communities in New Mexico”

Vincent Werito

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