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Research Development Services

The College of Education's Center for Collaborative Research and Community Engagement (CCRCE) supports the research needs of new and established faculty. CCRCE's research development support services focuses on the following:

  • Assists faculty and researchers by providing current and useful information and by identifying resources and potential funding sources.
  • Aids in the concept development, preparation, and review of proposals.
  • Assists with planning and coordinating large and complex College proposal efforts and advises in their proposal development activities.
  • Encourages and supports collaboration between researchers, both within the College and across campus.
  • Conducts workshops, seminars, and training for faculty, staff, and students in support of the College's research mission.
  • Communicates the College's research activities and expertise through various channels and publications.

CCRCE's Research Development Services is located in the COE Administration and Classroom building (3rd floor).