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Please note that FY22 rates for UNM Main Campus Fringe Benefit Rates on Proposals – FY 2022, 2021-2022 UNM Student Health Plan Premium Rates, and Fall 2021 Graduate Student Tuition & Fee Rates have been released. As you build your proposals, be sure to include the updated rates to ensure that you are correctly projecting your project costs.

Kris GoodrichGreetings on behalf of the College of Education and Human Science’s (COEHS) Research Office. I am so very excited to serve as the new Associate Dean for Research and Distanced Education in the COEHS! Our office’s mission is to support researchers as they explore and engage in the scholarly process to create and disseminate knowledge to deepen our understandings of the broad areas of education and human sciences. Our Research Support Team has been actively engaged through COVID supporting our stakeholders remotely and have supported with many researchers in crafting and submitting proposals for internal and external funding competitions. As we continue to work remotely, we are confident that the Research Support Team will provide uninterrupted robust service – and we so very much appreciate the faculty and staff efforts throughout this this challenging period. We are committed to providing a supportive and inclusive environment where our faculty, students and staff can come together to pursue both disciplinary and interdisciplinary work to serve the needs of the State of New Mexico and beyond. As a College, we are committed to improving educational and health outcomes within our State, and use of this knowledge to better inform theory, practice, and future research.

The Research Office provides comprehensive and intentional support to all our research stakeholders across the College. This includes support with early stage idea generation, identifying potential funders, networking across College and campus for interdisciplinary collaborations, as well as support with pre- and post-award research administration, including proposal development, editing, budget development and proposal review.

The Research Office very much looks forward to providing the critical infrastructure and support so our faculty, students, and staff can fully engage in their scholarly efforts through pursuit of internal and external funding. We look forward to receiving your Early Alert so that we can be of service to you as you engage in the scholarly process.

Thank you for all your efforts and regards,

Kristopher M. Goodrich, Ph.D.
Associate Dean for Research and Distance Education


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