COE Research

David Scott

Dr. David Scott
Associate Dean for Research
and Community Engagement

A vibrant climate surrounding and supporting research, scholarship, and community engagement is critical to addressing current and future societal challenges. The Office of Research and Community Engagement (ORCE) in the College of Education at UNM is committed to providing internal support to faculty as well as maximizing the visibility of faculty and student scholarly efforts and their contributions to the state, region, nation, and world.

If you are a practitioner, or a current or prospective student, you will find the RESEARCH IMPACT link to be of primary interest. The IMPACT site showcases recent faculty research projects and provides contact information.

The remainder of the site is devoted to current COE faculty as well as students and provides links to a wide array of research support services. The Office of Research and Community Engagement (ORCE) works closely with UNM Pre-Award Services Office/Sponsored Projects Services and the Post-Award/ Contract and Grant Accounting Office, which are located in the UNM Business Center at Lomas and University.

The range of services that ORCE provides to faculty begins with funding identification, project ideation, proposal development support, budget guidance, and administrative approvals. Services also include training and information dissemination.

We are pleased to announce that the website for the Methodology Group at UNM is now available. The Methodology Group provides researchers with a methodological resource to support their research productivity.

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